Watch SharePoint Grow!

I visited on the commute home this evening and planted SharePoint.  Watch SharePoint grow at or plant your own!

In partnership with a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, Windows Internet Explorer will sponsor the planting of up to 250,000 real trees in deforested regions around the globe.

Users simply need to visit their tree once a week and watch it grow.  After six weeks of your carbon reducing efforts, Windows Internet Explorer will sponsor the planting of a real tree.

For more information about Carbon Grove visit


Keeping this blog up to date over the previous month and half has been challenging due to commitments and travel; however, I’m back in the office 😉 and will resume posting regularly again.  Please keep your comments and questions coming in the interim.

 – Bill

My first SharePoint experience…

I’m often asked either when I became involved with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies or what single event resulted in my evangelism and subsequent work with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, so here we go:

I was attending a meeting in June of 2000, at the time, just having joined Compaq Computer Corporation’s Enterprise Solutions and Services division when I listened to Michael Capellas, then CEO, envision Compaq as “guided by a single, focused vision: Everything to the Internet”, (I still have my laminated card, fitted for a badge holder, with those words emblazoned).  Some time thereafter I came across Microsoft SharePoint Team Services (yes, STS) and immediately realized the benefit of an online, extensible, collaborative platform and the rest is history…

Upcoming Posts

The next three (3) weeks will indeed be busy for me, first traveling to Amsterdam to meet with customers and returning to Redmond the following week to speak at TechReady6 on securing and protecting SharePoint Products and Technologies deployments; however, with that will come some compelling content I hope to publish toward the end of the month and early February.  Next week I am focused on performance, particularly, discussions on Garbage Collection (GC) and GC management on 64-bit Web servers.

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