Hybrid Self-Service Site Creation Now Available in SharePoint Server 2016

Hybrid self-service site creation allows an administrator of SharePoint Server 2016 to redirect the site creation experience to SharePoint Online where users are prompted to create sites through the modern site and group creation flow.

To configure hybrid self-service site creation:

Install the November 2017 Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016.

Once installed, the option to configure hybrid self-service site creation will be available in SharePoint Central Administration.

To configure hybrid self-service site creation, select the Web application to configure and follow the configure options.


Hybrid self-service site creation respects your hybrid audience settings. If you use a hybrid audience, members of the hybrid audience will be redirected to SharePoint Online for self-service site creation, while on-premises only users will continue to be directed to self-service site creation in SharePoint Server.

When a user visits the self-service site creation Url on-premises, they will be redirected to the SharePoint Online site/group creation flow.

To learn more about hybrid self-service site creation in SharePoint Server 2016 visit https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt844720(v=office.16).aspx.

Ignite 2017 Pre-Day Training – SharePoint and Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios

Join myself, Neil Hodgkinson, Spence Harbar, Bob Fox, and other industry experts for a Microsoft Ignite pre-day training on implementing hybrid scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365.

Cloud computing has become a popular way to reduce capital and operational expenditures, renew IT innovation, and gain the advantage of more rapid software delivery to meet the needs of business. However, compliance, data sovereignty, sensitivity concerns, or a significant investment in customization may limit your organization’s ability to take advantage of this. Today you can maximize your on-premises investment by upgrading to SharePoint Server 2016 and using hybrid scenarios in Office 365 to seamlessly leverage the cloud. This pre-day workshop is designed to give you the deep technical knowledge to deploy SharePoint Server 2016 as well as design and implement the latest hybrid scenarios including search, auditing, taxonomy and more.

Attendees will receive instructor led training on best practices for implementing a variety of hybrid scenarios and workloads, training materials, to include documentation and presentations and a each, a dedicated lab environment including a SharePoint Server 2016 farm and an Office 365 Tenant that can be used to complete hands on labs during and after the event.

Space is limited, register today https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ignite/agenda.