Announcing the Search First Migration Accelerator

Understanding search is the primary means in the Enterprise for surfacing and locating information…as a result, it has become a mission critical component of SharePoint deployments.  The rise in adoption of SharePoint 2010 in organizations has led to more customers seeking to leverage the benefits of the new search architectures, whether Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 or FAST Search Server 2010, as part of their topologies.  In either scenario, customers are faced with a decision on how to accomplish upgrade and accommodate their end users.  A result of these decisions can include migrating or upgrading the existing SharePoint deployments to include search, or optionally migrating components of the existing deployments.  In the componentized case, many organizations are looking to maintain a familiar user experience, while gaining the performance, scalability, and richness of new search options in SharePoint 2010 – that’s where the Search First Migration Accelerator comes in.

The Search First Migration Accelerator is a combination of guidance and tools provided by Microsoft and Metalogix enabling organizations to establish a more granular approach to upgrade by allowing them upgrade their Office SharePoint Server 2007 search component(s) prior to the underlying content, supporting a familiar search user experience, and enabling IT Professionals to approach upgrade in established phases while allowing the organization to benefit from the improvements in SharePoint Search 2010 or FAST Search for SharePoint 2010.

Read the Metalogix press release at

Download the Search First Migration Accelerator from Metalogix at

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