Tafiti + Halo 3 = Search Goodness

I was just looking at the new Halo 3 skin recently applied to Tafiti and was very impressed. For those who’ve never heard of or much less used Tafiti. Tafiti is an experimental Microsoft search front-end designed primarily for research projects spanning multiple queries and sessions through a variety of visualization, storage, and collaboration/sharing presentation and management layers. Tafiti uses a combination of Live Search and Silverlight to both power and render results. For example a recent query I performed on my Volkswagen Passat is provided initially in a flat structured result set (http://www.tafiti.com/#p=0&q=Volkswagen), but it really gets interesting when presented in Tree View. Using the flat view you dynamically filter results by syndication, news, images, etc.

For a complete Tafiti functionality walk through visit http://www.tafiti.com/faq.html or http://tafiti.com to being your search.

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