Simple Query to Audit Site Collection/Web Access Levels

USE SELECT DISTINCT t1.siteID,t2.webID, t2.title [accessLevel],t3.tp_login,CONVERT(DECIMAL(6,2),((CONVERT(DECIMAL,t4.diskUsed)/1024)/1024)) [diskUsed MB], t6.fullUrlFROM DBO.RoleAssignment t1 JOIN DBO.roles t2 ON t2.siteID = t1.siteID AND t2.roleID = t1.roleID AND t2.roleID = 1073741829 JOIN DBO.userInfo t3 ON t3.tp_siteID = t1.siteID AND t3.tp_id = t1.principalID JOIN DBO.sites t4 ON t4.[id] = t1.siteID JOIN DBO.perms t5 ON t5.siteID = t1.siteID AND t5.scopeID = t1.scopeID JOIN webs t6 ON t6.[id] = t5.webID


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