Recycle Bin for SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 (WSS/SPS 2003) 1.2 (Build 26) Released!

I’ve published Recycle Bin 1.2 (Build 26) to SharePoint Tools GotDotNet Workspace, this build addresses two long-standing bugs:

Fixes Explorer View bug:

Unable to delete <file>

An error occurred accessing your FrontPage web files. Please contact the server administrator.

Fixes Empty Library archiving:

Document and Picture Libraries that do not contain content will be archived in effort to mirror the directory structure of a Document/Picture Library and its’ subfolders if they exist.

Download the latest release at: we are very interested in your comments on this latest release.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Upgrade Path Defined

A recent change has been communicated for all current Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 B2 (Beta 2) customers.  The change will require customers who wish to upgrade their B2 environments to first apply B2 Technical Refresh prior to upgrading to RTM, Windows SharePoint Services will not support B2 to RTM direct upgrades.

Previously announced upgrade paths will remain unchanged at this time:

B2 Technical Refresh remains planned as a release patch, upgrading to RTM will require the modification of a Registry key, uninstalling B2 Technical Refresh, and then installing RTM.  This will be documented in both B2TR and RTM.

I’ll post additional information on this change as it is made available.