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SharePoint Virtual Summit 2019

Stay tuned here on May 21st, 2019 at 12:00 P.M. PDT to watch the SharePoint Virtual Summit captured live from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas.

Catch up on the Jeff Teper keynote to see all the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 news in action to help you stay productive and focused on what matters to you.



Microsoft 365 empowers individuals, teams and organizations to be creative, collaborative, and effective with an integrated suite of experiences that are simple, superior, smart and secure. Jeff Teper and Seth Patton share the latest innovations and solutions for content collaboration, security, teamwork, process transformation, employee engagement & communications, and knowledge sharing & discovery. Join the world’s largest event for the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 community–business users and leaders, IT professionals and developers from across the globe–to learn how the experiences in Microsoft 365–including SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream, PowerApps, Flow–integrate to power collaboration and the intelligent workplace across devices, on the web, in desktop and mobile apps, and in the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams.

Get caught up our 2018 Ignite announcements while you wait…

Better teamwork, together: SharePoint and OneDrive integration with Microsoft Teams

The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap

Microsoft Graph: The API for Microsoft 365

New in Microsoft 365: Leadership engagement featuring live events

What’s new in Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork

SharePoint Development for Enterprises – What’s new and what’s next

Getting started with Microsoft Search

Best in class Security and Compliance with SharePoint and OneDrive

What’s new and coming to Microsoft OneDrive

Successfully embrace video adoption across your organization with Microsoft Stream

Content collaboration in the modern workplace

Intelligent content services in Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365: Giving your content super powers

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Using a Flic Smart Button as a PowerPoint Remote

When speaking at conferences, you usually spend a lot of time time asking the organizer questions like “what inputs will you have, will there be a digital switcher, etc.”.  This usually leads to carrying an array of adapters to be sure you’re prepared for those circumstances where there’s just VGA at the podium when you need micro/mini HDMI, DVI, USB to RJ45, and more…

One of the most common requirements is something to control your presentation.  If you’re like me, you often find yourself either running out of USB ports or having large inputs making nearby ports inaccessible or don’t want to carry a USB hub around with you.  At the same time, many conferences don’t provide remotes for controlling your presentations (they have a propensity to “walk away” or someone leaves the session before yours with the input – leaving a hapless remote behind).

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Flic Smart Button that we had provided our MVP’s as swag at the 2019 MVP Summit and stashed it away in my desk drawer, not quite sure what I’d use it for.

If you’re not familiar with Flic, check out

With the SharePoint Conference just a week away, I started to think about ways I could use the Flic Smart Button, but everything I found limited its’ use to a connection with a mobile device…  then I discovered the Flic App for Mac – perfect I thought – I’ll use the keyboard shortcuts action I saw in the mobile app on my MacBook as a way to remote control PowerPoint.

After installing the Flic App for Mac, I couldn’t find the keyboard actions so started to do a little research to find a plugin that would work…  I couldn’t find anything that would do what I wanted it to do so decided to build my own…

It took a little bit of time to get it right, at the same time, simple – but I was able to build a user defined plugin to use with my Flic Smart Button and Mac to act as a PowerPoint remote.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.17.09 AM

If you’re interested in using the plugin, I’ve made it available here on Github.

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A Fibonacci guide to the 2019 SharePoint Conference

With 200+ sessions across all things Microsoft 365 at 2019 SharePoint Conference there’s no doubt you won’t be able to make them all in the 3 core days of the conference. Whether you plan to be there in person or watch the keynote live here’s a Fibonacci guide of key Microsoft 365 sessions organized by topic of interest.

SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Sessions (0)

Session Title Session Code

SharePoint Conference Keynote (1)

Session Title Session Code
Content collaboration in the modern workplace KEYNOTE

Kaizala Sessions (1)

Session Title Session Code
What’s new and what’s next: Microsoft Kaizala BRK171

Employee Engagement Sessions (2)

Session Title Session Code
Building employee engagement with Microsoft 365 – 5 Strategies for a collaborative corporate culture BRK016
Drive employee engagement with Yammer, SharePoint & Stream BRK017

Live Events Sessions (3)

Session Title Session Code
Hosting and Managing Live Events in Yammer BRK164
Reach large audiences with immersive video and interactive discussion using Microsoft 365 live events BRK154
Transform how your organization uses video with Microsoft Stream live events, mobile and integrations across Office 365 BRK103

Microsoft Graph Sessions (5)

Session Title Session Code
Consuming the Microsoft Graph and 3rd party APIs with SPFx BRK025
Integrate OneDrive and SharePoint files, collaboration and sharing using Microsoft Graph BRK053
Microsoft Graph Data Connect: A Case Study PART006
Microsoft Graph with Microsoft Teams BRK068
Use Microsoft Graph to integrate data and services to your business applications BRK130

Corenote Sessions (8)

Session Title Session Code
What’s new and what’s next: Content services (ECM) BRK111
What’s new and what’s next: Microsoft OneDrive BRK112
What’s new and what’s next: Microsoft Search BRK113
What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint administration BRK114
What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint development for enterprises BRK115
What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint team sites and integration with Teams BRK011
What’s new and what’s next: Transforming processes with SharePoint, PowerApps & Flow BRK077
What’s new and what’s next: Yammer BRK116



Microsoft Search

Search notes: Connecting your data into search and services

Microsoft Search is a new cohesive search capability in Microsoft 365 enabling you to find, command, navigate and discover items across your organization’s network of data, transforming your search bar into a resource for collective knowledge. An AI-powered insight engine that connects content across Windows, Office apps,, SharePoint, OneDrive, and third-party ecosystems to surface relevant, personalized results, whether it’s a recent chat, people card or a document a coworker shared. This allows you to securely and safely get the information you need.

Connectors are a core feature which enable Microsoft Search to connect to integrate with various database, service, and application sources and to push your app’s rich content into Microsoft Search. Connectors help connect your organization’s data and users so they can achieve more.

Microsoft offers a range of approaches so you can build what is most useful to your business scenario, whether you are an end user, administrator or developer.  There are several approaches to connecting in the data you need across your ecosystem of applications.

Group Connectors for Microsoft 365

Whether you are tracking a Twitter feed, managing a project with Trello or watching the latest news headlines with Bing—Office 365 Connectors surfaces all the information you care about in the Office 365 Groups shared inbox, so you can easily collaborate with others and interact with the updates as they happen.

To learn more see also

Microsoft Teams Connectors

Office 365 Connectors are a great way to push your app’s rich content into Microsoft Teams. Any user can connect a team to services like Trello, GitHub, Bing News, or Twitter and get notified of the team’s activity in that service. From tracking a team’s progress in Trello to following important hashtags in Twitter, Office 365 Connectors help your team to stay in sync and get more done.

You can even add actions to your content, turning them into actionable messages, so that users can complete tasks directly in the channel. (To learn more about actionable messages see also

In addition, using connectors allows you to couple the incoming data from these connectors directly to your business processes with Microsoft Flow, the Microsoft workflow platform, natively integrated in Office 365 including SharePoint. To learn more about these concepts see also

Custom Connectors

Building an Office 365 Connector for your application is easy. All you need to do is register your connector in our developer portal, add an integrated configuration experience to your application, and implement your connector. You can make it easy for your users to discover the connector by publishing to our catalog.

To learn more about how to build your own connectorssee also

In addition, you can use the Microsoft Graph APIs to call Office 365 data for your own applications.  The Microsoft Graph provides a unified programmability model that you can use to build apps for organizations and consumers that interact with the data of millions of users. You can use the Microsoft Graph REST APIs to access data in Azure Active Directory, Office 365 services, Enterprise Mobility and Security services, Windows 10 services, Dynamics 365, and more. To learn more see also

Microsoft 365 Administrators

Use Business Connectivity Services for hybrid implementations to crawl, customize, enrich and display external content.

With Business Connectivity Services, you can use SharePoint and Office clients as interfaces to data that doesn’t live in SharePoint itself. Business Connectivity Services can connect to data that is available through a database, a web service, or data that is published as an OData source or many other types of external data. Business Connectivity Services does this through out-of-the box or custom connectors. The connectors, as the name implies, are the communication bridge between SharePoint and the external system that hosts the external data.

To learn more about Business Connectivity Services see also

Hybrid connectors include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • EMC Documentum Foundation Server (all versions compatible with DFS Productivity Layer 6.7 SP2)
  • IBM Lotus Notes Domino server and Lotus Notes client of the same version (e.g. v6, v7, v8)

Content available to crawl in/via with native connectors for:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • .NET
  • WCF Service
  • SOAP
  • REST Service Connection
  • XML File Connection

Azure Search

Azure Search is a search-as-a-service cloud solution that gives developers APIs and tools for adding a rich search experience over private, heterogenous content in web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Query execution is over a user-defined index.

  • Build a search corpus containing only your data, sourced from multiple content types and platforms.
  • Leverage AI-powered indexing to extract text and features from image files, or entities and key phrases from raw text.
  • Create intuitive search experiences with facet navigation and filters, synonyms, autocomplete, and text analysis for “did you mean” auto-corrected search terms.
  • Add geo-search for “find near me”, language analyzers for non-English full text search, and scoring logic for search rank.

Functionality is exposed through a simple REST APIor.NET SDKthat masks the inherent complexity of information retrieval. In addition to APIs, the Azure portal provides administration and content management support, with tools for prototyping and querying your indexes. Because the service runs in the cloud, infrastructure and availability are managed by Microsoft.

Search Developers

Build fully customizable search applications with Azure Search to index massive amounts of content and add custom enrichment and cognitive search skills, you can incorporate Office 365 data  by using the Microsoft Graph APIsas well as a myriad of external data.

Get started here

Work with our partners

Microsoft 365 partners have developed a range of connectors to help you gather all the data you need.

Please visit Accenture, BAInsight and Raytion for more information.

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Microsoft 365 migration on your terms with new improvements to the SharePoint Migration Tool

We’re excited to announce new improvements to the SharePoint Migration Tool for the month of February.

Designed to be used for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, the SharePoint Migration Tool will let you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.

Over the past several months we’ve been continually working to add features to the SharePoint Migration Tool to help you accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365, from support for full site migrations, to incremental improvements to the user experience – the SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to support migrations of all sizes. This month we’re adding some exciting new improvements to help you on your journey to the cloud.

Improvements this month include:

Managed Metadata Service support

If you have an existing taxonomy in SharePoint Server 2013, the SharePoint Migration Tool can now migrate your content types and term stores to Office 365. Global term store migration requires global tenant admin permissions.

Web Parts Support, Site Navigation, and more…

The SharePoint Migration Tool has continuously improved to support more complex migration requirements. From a humble beginning of accelerating files migration to incremental improvements leading up to complete SharePoint 2013 site migrations. Now using the SharePoint Migration Tool you can migrate just about every element of SharePoint sites that you care most about including Web Parts, Pages, and site navigation!

For a detailed list of improvements in this release, refer to the release notes at….

If you’re new to the SharePoint Migration Tool, keep reading below to learn more about how you can transform your business by bringing it to the cloud.

About the SharePoint Migration Tool

The SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to simplify your journey to the cloud through a free, simple, and fast solution to migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.  The SharePoint Migration Tool allows you to accelerate your journey to Office 365 overcoming obstacles typically associated with migration projects.  With the SharePoint Migration Tool you can evaluate and address the information that matters the most to your organization, the Libraries, and now Lists that form the foundation of the SharePoint experience.  Using the SharePoint Migration Tool you can start your migration today and take advantage of the full suite of features and security capabilities that Office 365 offers.

Keep reading to learn more about the SharePoint Migration Tool or download the latest version now at

Getting Started

You can download the SharePoint Migration Tool at  Through v3 of the SharePoint Migration Tool you’ll have available to you the innovation we’re delivering to help you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.

What’s next…

Through continued innovation across migration scenarios we’ll be adding more capabilities over time to the SharePoint Migration Tool, including support for more SharePoint versions, site structure migrations, and more.  Subscribe here to stay up to date on future announcements for SharePoint and Office 365.

Wrapping Up…

Whether you’re looking to migrate from file shares on-premises to SharePoint or OneDrive or from on-premises versions of SharePoint, the SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to support the smallest of migrations to large scale migrations with support for bulk scenarios.

Learn more about migrating to Office 365 at

Learn more about the SharePoint Migration Tool at….

Prepare your environment for migration using the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool by learning more at

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The Story of SPC

The Beginning.

Our inaugural SharePoint Conference took place in Bellevue, Washington in May 2006, with Keynote speaker Bill Gates calling SharePoint the most “revolutionary” element in all of Microsoft Office, and an eager group of hardcore techies listened as announcements, demonstrations, and previews detailed the future of information sharing with the upcoming release of Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007. SPC06 outlined where we wanted the industry to go, and how we were going to get it there… together. By the end of the week, more than sixty different sessions had discussed hundreds of topics including workflow, collaboration, higher connectivity, tablet computers, and advanced web services. The ideas were audacious, and the bars were set high, but one thing was certain… SPC was here to stay.

SPC08 once again rocked the greater Seattle area. Attendance had more than doubled since the first SPC and a highly energized community began to develop out of the rapidly growing user base. Attendees kicked back at social events, formed running groups, clubs, and other extracurricular activities, and shared stories and laughs at the numerous networking opportunities surrounding the conference. It was an action-packed week of SharePoint and fun, and it remains an extraordinary experience for the SharePoint community who attended.

What happens here, stays here…

In 2009, SPC09 traded in the tree-lined views of the Pacific Northwest for the bright lights of Las Vegas. SharePoint conference was now the main event on the calendar of IT Pros, Developers, and SharePoint stakeholders around the world. The technical aspect of the conference was anchored by the major SharePoint 2010 announcement, which would place SharePoint at the center of a connected intranet and internet, and create a seamless and integrated experience for users. The attitude at SPC was once again charged by the attendees, as partners, sponsors, community members and Microsoft experts came together for the largest SharePoint event yet.

Attendance had again nearly doubled. SharePoint was connecting people and information in an unexpected way. There were sessions, workshops, and labs during the day, followed by dancing and celebrations at night. The atmosphere was palpable, and the combination of new SharePoint material and nonstop social happenings kept the crowds coming back for more. Oh, and did we forget that Huey Lewis showed Sin City that it’s “Hip to be Square” against a backdrop of fireworks in front of screaming SharePoint crowds? No we didn’t. And if you were there, neither did you.

The happiest place on earth.

The gates of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland opened to the SharePoint community for SPC11 in early October, 2011.  In only its fourth year, SPC was already a Tier 1 Microsoft event, and this year Mickey and the gang would have their hands full as SPC returned bigger and better than ever.  The conference buzzed with major announcements about SharePoint moving to the cloud. Conference regulars showed the ropes to first-time attendees and community members traded their Twitter handles and connected on LinkedIn.

At night, a spontaneous party grew into what would be called “Club SPC” and quickly overflowed into an adjacent hotel space dubbed “Lounge SPC”. Cocktails and business cards were handed around as DJs spun tracks onto the three floors of partygoers. Outside, Disney parades and fireworks erupted throughout the park while the announcement that SPC12 would be returning to Vegas rung out. Once again, SPC had been a resounding success. Driven by strong sessions, visionary speakers, informative videos, and amplified by an enthusiastic community, word was spreading through the social sphere that SharePoint Conference was not be missed.

Share more. Do more.

With attendees from more than 83 countries, SPC12 was all about social. Having recently acquired Yammer, the conference highlighted how enterprise social was changing the way people worked together. It was a perfect match for the conference, which has always been about how people connect. During the keynote, #SPC12 became the top trending tweet on the planet. SPC12 also welcomed a new audience to team up with the Developer and IT Pro audiences: Executives. SPC now boasted over 20,000 minutes of expert content targeted towards the three main SharePoint communities.

Mandalay Bay was illuminated with life as raffles, giveaways, and armfuls of swag by day turned into mouthwatering food, choreographed dancing, and lasting friendships by night. People cheered from balconies and lined the pools as Bon Jovi shook the city at the SPC12 private party, sandwiched between days of deep dive sessions and engaging workshops and labs.

Connect, reimagine, transform…

Connect, reimage and transform. The 2014 SharePoint Conference kicked off again under the bright lights of Las Vegas, NV.

Microsoft took over Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 3-6th for the largest and most comprehensive event on the planet for SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365 and related technologies with a keynote delivered by former President Bill Clinton. #SPC14 launched Office Delve, a renewed enthusiasm for Yammer, and of course the Office Graph.



Connect. Collaborate. Create.

After a brief 4 year hiatis, the SharePoint Conference returned in the Spring of 2018 to a familiar location, Las Vegas, Nevada at the world famous MGM Grand. The 2018 SharePoint Conference was the first SharePoint Conference that served both an in-person audience of 2500+ attendees, but also an online audience who tuned in to our live streamed keynote as part of our SharePoint Virtual Summit!

SPC18 was 2018’s premier event for SharePoint and related technologies, featuring over 140 sessions (8,400 minutes) of content under one roof. SPC18 was a celebration not only of the return of the SharePoint Conference, but also the community that makes it all possible – in addition to some of the world’s best speakers and authorities on Office 365, SPC18 closed out the event with the world’s best party band the B-52s!


It’s time to bring the community back together again!

SPC is back! Join the world’s top SharePoint and Microsoft 365 experts in a setting perfectly suited for our extraordinary community. Now is the time to create your own SharePoint story. A huge variety of topics geared towards our three main audiences have been reengineered to provide groundbreaking solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

Bill Gates was right… this is revolutionary. Be a part of it.



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Join us at the SharePoint Conference – May 21-23, 2019 in Las Vegas!

The SharePoint Conference is fast approaching – lf you’re an IT Professional, implementer, decision maker, business user, or developer you don’t want to miss the SharePoint Conference. Join us as Microsoft unveils its vision, roadmap, and latest innovations across SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Stream and Office 365. We cover all things teamwork related to help our customers succeed with Microsoft 365.

This promises to be the largest and most comprehensive event dedicated to SharePoint in 2019. The SharePoint Conference will provide the training, insights, and networking opportunities you need to successfully develop, deploy, govern, and get the most from SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Stream, and Office 365.

Register by February 18 to save and receive a hotel gift card.

Still on the fence?  Hotel rooms at the venue are booking quickly, reserve your stay at the venue at before they run out and register for the event at a later date.